About Us

Tyrematics for Telematics

With over 10 years in the WTPMS Industry dealing in OEM and aftermarket sectors, the knowledge and experience gained has been the foundation and pathway to creating a solid, reliable and measurable platform for users across the globe.


3 years of research into the needs of today's Owner Drivers and Fleet Operators across the globe and over 10 years of experience in WTPMS has given Tyrematics clear focus of the requirements of a large cross section of users. With this focus a modular approach to the platform has been achieved creating a simple cost effective proprietary system catering to the needs for the widest range of users.

Designed and tested in Australia and New Zealand for a wide range of conditions from New Zealand Forestry to Australian Mining and all manner of situations in between, you can be confident of the reliability of the Tyrematics products.

Our R&D department is constantly looking for new innovations to meet the ever increasing demand of today's high productivity businesses and end user specific requirements.
Our core philosophy involves a number of principals, one is simply "do what we do best" at Tyrematics we do not aim to be "everything to everyone" our core mission is to provide the best WTPMS platform to the market.
Tyrematics has no desire or ambition to become a monitoring service, rather through partnerships with Telematics Providers Tyrematics aims to provide the best hardware and software platform for use in existing situations. The level of data provided is based on end user requirements from simple warnings to full Data Logging.

Why Tyrematics?

The system has the advantage of being able to be removed and transferred to another vehicle, extending the life of the unit far into the future. This portability reduces long term costs associated with commissioning a new vehicle to the Fleet.

With research and development Tyrematics has kept a key goal of Economic Value first and for front, a targeted ROI of less than 12 Months has been achieved. Having a clear understanding of Users requirements has been instrumental in achieving this target. With demands on economics and environmental sustainably any system must have these as cornerstones to the platform, Tyrematics has created an affordable tool to increase returns while lessening environmental impacts.